With Sponsorships, the Sky’s the Limit

In these days of cutting-edge technology and creative minds, selling your brand via tradeshow or event sponsorships can be competitive. Back in the day, you stuck your logo on a sign and boom — you were a sponsor. But in today’s conferences, each brand is looking for the best way to get noticed and stay in attendees’ heads — long after they take off their lanyards and head for home. Professional event organizers understand that sponsorships hold value, and work with clients to ensure maximum impact.

Here are some ways we like to see companies make the most of corporate show sponsorships:

Get the electronic edge. Beacons — those devices that track attendees steps much better than GPS via smartphones — allow sponsors to send specific messages to attendees, based on where they are on the show floor. Then there is Augmented Reality, or AR products, that allow an attendee to see a customized offer, message or video when the postcard, package or brochure is connected with a mobile device (preferably at the sponsor’s booth)!

Lure lounge lizards. That’s right, a VIP lounge. It’s a luxe, exclusive way for you to attract certain attendees and make them feel appreciated (and just a little bit spoiled). Look at a VIP lounge as an elegant opportunity to get a certain segment together: C-level executives or first-time attendees, for example. Set out a device-charging area; cushy chairs and always-welcome refreshments.

Thirst is so 2006. Networking and deal-making is tough work. Set up a water station, perhaps with plastic bottles with your company logo or reusable ones they can take home. Either way, it gets your brand out on the show floor or beyond.

Mini-consultations on the floor; fitness-based challenges; and contest hosting are other ways your event sponsorship can put your company front and center. Let creativity be your guide, and make your event sponsorship dollars work hard for you, with huge returns.

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