event managementWhy CLT is a value add for event management that goes above and beyond:

We’re your own personal orchestra conductor. This is the way we ask clients to visualize our role in making your corporate event reach a crescendo. We are your main point of contact. You can look to us if the music is going too fast or if you need direction. We stand at the front of your event leading the multitude of partners involved and ensuring beautiful melodies.

We hire the best people. Period. With your funds, your brand and your message at stake, you need a corporate event planner you can trust. And that planner needs to hire and train amazing team members. We do. Typical comments from our client companies? “They think of things before I do,” and “They had already done it before I asked.” Yup. That’s our job.

Networking vs. napkins. Your main focus at a corporate event should be your internal and external clients, not whether or not the tables have enough napkins per place setting. So let us take care of the detail-laden tasks such as registering attendees, arranging transportation, staffing the coat check and coordinating audio-visual efforts. You’ll be able to relax, focus on your tasks at hand, interact with your leadership, attendees, or clients and prospects, and get down to business. And isn’t that the point?

We also handle:

  • Event marketing (event mobile apps, social media)
  • Program branding
  • Supplier management
  • Food & beverage
  • Rooming list
  • On-site staffing
  • Off-site activities
  • Budget updates, post-contract supplier negotiations
  • Financial reporting
  • Vendor payments

… and more …