Excellence breeds excellence. We believe that you can’t offer clients world-class service without world-class employees. This synergy begins with team members, who are our product, our inventory, our pride, and the force that sets us apart from the pack. CLT employees are passionately rewarded, constantly inspired, dedicated to exceeding expectations and fulfilled in providing results.

And complacency is so boring, right? After another job well done, we don’t just don’t rest on our laurels. The CLT workplace culture challenges employees to be better than they were yesterday. We hook them up with educational resources and the latest in industry perspectives. Looking for improvement opportunities benefits everyone: employees, the company, our clients and their customers.

We are the solution-focused partner our clients want to partner with, because we add value to their company. The positive energy we foster at CLT is the embodiment of all we do.


Expect personalized meeting planning, every time. Strategic meetings management programs may produce universal results: clients’ corporate culture reiterated, data and spend capture collected, maintained and leveraged, measurable business objectives met. But at CLT, we believe that there are many roads to get to the same destination. If we need to adapt an existing service or technology to meet a goal, we will. If we need to add a new service or technology, we’ll do that too. Your end result and the best way to get there in terms of value are always front of mind.