program budgetsWe treat your program budget like it’s our personal finances. All CLT team members are told to be as conscientious with program finances as if they themselves are paying the bill. Keeping program budgets is as important to us as it is to our clients.

We shield you from unnecessary costs. Savings is what CLT is all about. At the conclusion of the event, our team provides you with an outline of benchmark vs. negotiated savings.

We wrap it up just like we plan it: efficiently and effectively. CLT’s system of checks and balances help us ensure billing is accurate; disputes are raised and resolved quickly; and final invoices don’t take forever. We review program bills at least three times while the meeting is being planned, and then daily during the meeting execution. We don’t wait until the end to begin. When the event is over, we reconcile and present you with a consolidated final invoice and backup documentation for your files. Boom. Done.